Apex Confirms Timbermill Project Moving Forward

On December 20, 2016, Timbermill Wind filed an appeal of the Perquimans County Board of Commissioners’ denial of Timbermill’s conditional use permit application for a 300 megawatt wind energy project. While we are pursuing an appeal of the Perquimans County decision, we are simultaneously moving forward with developing the Chowan County portion of the project. Below is key information on the path forward: 

On the appeal:

  • During the application hearings in Perquimans County, Timbermill demonstrated that it met all of the requirements for the permit. Indeed, in its deliberations, the Board specifically found that Timbermill had done so.
  • We expect the appeal to be heard by the Perquimans County Superior Court session in the spring. 

A path forward in Chowan County:

  • Timbermill is designed to include both Perquimans and Chowan counties, and the Chowan County Board of Commissioners has already granted a conditional use permit for the portion of the project sited in Chowan.
  • Timbermill has analyzed the viability of a project that would be sited exclusively in Chowan County. We have determined that such a project is economically feasible, and we intend to pursue development with Chowan County officials. 

Asked about the appeal, Don Giecek, Senior Manager of Project Development for Apex Clean Energy, said:

“We remain hopeful that the superior court will reverse the Perquimans County denial of Timbermill’s permit. This would allow the project to meet its full potential. In the meantime, we will also continue developing the project in Chowan County and pursuing the other state and federal permits required for the project.

We remain committed to bringing the economic development, community investment, and job creation associated with Timbermill Wind to northeastern North Carolina. We appreciate the strong support we have received from communities in both Perquimans and Chowan Counties. We will continue to provide regular updates to the public on our progress, and the doors to our office in Hertford remain open to residents from both counties.”