High-Tech Companies Oppose HB 332

Internet giants Google, Apple and Facebook are getting involved in North Carolina renewable energy policy.   On May 27, these three companies sent a letter opposing North Carolina’s House Bill 332, stating that they chose to do business in North Carolina because of their positive energy policy, especially compared to other southeastern states.

Read the complete letter here.

As these high-tech companies state in the letter, “[We] have chosen to locate to North Carolina in part because the state’s existing energy policies enable us to operate and grow our businesses in furtherance of the goals mentioned above. Any change should therefore consider not just protecting it, but expanding these benefits, and any changes should include a comprehensive review of energy policies through established, inclusive stakeholder processes.” House Bill 332 is currently being considered by the NC legislature, and if enacted, it will change the current energy policies of the state significantly.  Google, Apple and Facebook are not alone in opposing this bill.  The NCSEA (NC Sustainable Energy Association) is urging ratepayers across the state to reject efforts to change the rules for companies and investors without considerable study of the effects to existing companies in North Carolina.

The letter is linked here.