News & Observer: Tap More Wind in Northeastern North Carolina

"Whether to build more wind farms in northeastern North Carolina counties hardly seems a question at all. The answer would be yes, of course,” reads the opening line of an editorial published in the News & Observer on Monday.

The editorial board goes on to explain that with benefits such as boosting tax bases, combating climate change by reducing the need to burn fossil fuels, and bringing money into the towns where the wind farms reside, it's hard to see why anyone wouldn't want a wind farm in their area—especially when it's a better choice for economic development in these rural areas compared to fracking and industrial animal farms. 

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The editorial concludes: "North Carolina has one of the best wind resources on the East Coast on and offshore. It should tap that resource in these counties and beyond for the good of local residents all of whom will benefit from the property taxesand the good of the nation."

Thanks to the News & Observer for supporting wind energy in northeastern North Carolina!

Read the full editorial linked here.