The News and Observer: Reaping the wind: A wind-farmer's tale

A fourth-generation farmer in Pasquotank County has described his experience with Iberdrola Renewables and the journey to hosting nine wind turbines.

Horace Pritchard farms soy, corn, and wheat and recognized the need to diversify: "[A]s commodity prices continued to fall over the years, we knew we had to diversify in some way to protect the farm."

After being contacted by Iberdrola, he thought hosting turbines sounded like a good idea but wondered if it would be enough to allow him to keep farming. He called another farmer in Texas who had partnered with Iberdrola; the farmer said he wished he could have added four more turbines to his existing four. 

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After the flip: Of Pritchard's 1,300 acres, less than one acre per turbine will be used, adding up to fewer thannineacres of land total. Pritchard said Iberdrola was very responsive to his input about plotting the turbines, and they have not disturbed the farmland.

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