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Introducing Timbermill Wind 

Apex Clean Energy is constructing Timbermill Wind, a utility-scale wind energy project in rural Chowan County.

This website features information about wind energy, Timbermill Wind, and important upcoming events. Please use this site to send us feedback, ask questions, and stay up to date on project news and developments.

An Economic Opportunity for Chowan County

Timbermill Wind promises to bring significant economic benefits to the economy of Chowan County. In the near term, the project will provide construction jobs and new revenues from local purchasing of materials and services. In the long term, the project is expected to bring sustained tax revenue to the counties for the local governments and schools, as well as 30 years of local purchasing, employment, and investment. 

Farmers who host wind turbines and other participating landowners will also receive annual lease payments. These payments will continue over the projected 30-year lifespan of the wind farm, injecting millions of dollars into Chowan County's economy to support local merchants, contractors, and equipment suppliers.