WBUR: Wind Turbine Technician Blows Away Competition as Country's Fastest-Growing Job

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, wind turbine technician is the fastest-growing job in the United States, and its popularity is only expected to rise. In fact, the options for new technicians are so numerous that "the dilemma that graduates have from these programs is that they've got to choose which company to take a job with," says Daniel Lutat of Iowa Lakes Community College, which has one of the country's largest training programs for wind turbine technicians. With the number of available positions expected to double over the next decade, it may lead one to ask: What exactly does a wind turbine technician do?  Continue reading

News & Observer: Tap More Wind in Northeastern North Carolina

"Whether to build more wind farms in northeastern North Carolina counties hardly seems a question at all. The answer would be –yes, of course,” reads the opening line of an editorial published in the News & Observer on Monday. The editorial board goes on to explain that with benefits such as boosting tax bases, combating climate change by reducing the need to burn fossil fuels, and bringing money into the towns where the wind farms reside, it's hard to see why anyone wouldn't want a wind farm in their area—especially when it's a better choice for economic development in these rural areas compared to fracking and industrial animal farms.  Click through to read more Continue reading

Timbermill Open Houses June 8 and 9

We invite you to meet the Timbermill Wind team at our open houses on June 8 and 9. Visitors will be welcome to circulate among several stations staffed by Apex team members with information about the project's design, construction, and other topics. We encourage you to join us and learn more about how Timbermill Wind can benefit Perquimans and Chowan Counties.  June 8 4:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. Albemarle Commission Building 512 S. Church Street Hertford, NC 27944   June 9 9:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.   D.F. Walker Elementary School 125 Sandy Ridge Rd Edenton, NC 27932  

Apex Attends the 4H Livestock Auction!

On Tuesday, the Timbermill Wind team visited the 4H livestock auction. We were so impressed with all of the participants and how well they trained their chosen animals. It was the first livestock auction for some of us and we learned A LOT! We want to congratulate everyone (including the animals) who participated! Everyone did a fantastic job!     

The News and Observer: Reaping the wind: A wind-farmer's tale

A fourth-generation farmer in Pasquotank County has described his experience with Iberdrola Renewables and the journey to hosting nine wind turbines. Horace Pritchard farms soy, corn, and wheat and recognized the need to diversify: "[A]s commodity prices continued to fall over the years, we knew we had to diversify in some way to protect the farm." After being contacted by Iberdrola, he thought hosting turbines sounded like a good idea but wondered if it would be enough to allow him to keep farming. He called another farmer in Texas who had partnered with Iberdrola; the farmer said he wished he could have added four more turbines to his existing four.  Click through to read more Continue reading

U.S. Wind Farms Invested $128 Billion into U.S. Economy Over Past 10 Years

That's right, $128 billion! Not to mention an average of $13 billion per year for the past five years alone. The American Wind Energy Assocation (AWEA) released the data last week. Tom Kiernan, CEO of AWEA, said, "Over this time, wind has rapidly scaled up. There's now enough wind power installed to reliably produce electricity for over 19 million American homes." There were more records broken last year by wind energy, including capacity installed. Click through to read more Continue reading

The Amazon Wind Project Will Benefit Eastern NC and Beyond

Construction started over the summer on North Carolina's first wind farm, which is owned by Amazon. This has been an exciting step forward for the Southeast and its energy future. Along with energy independence, what other benefits will this wind farm bring to North Carolina? The North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association listed the wind farm’s numerous advantages, including its positive economic impact on its two host counties.  Click to keep reading Continue reading

How the Electrical Grid Works

When there is more than one power source to choose from in a region, how do utilities choose the power? And what does "PPA" stand for? Michael Goggin of the American Wind Energy Association answered these questions and more in a blog post aimed at clearing up some misinformation about wind power.  Click through to read more: Continue reading

Leading researcher: Recognizing North Carolina's wind energy potential

"Earlier this summer, the online retailer Amazon announced its plans for a large-scale wind energy facility in northeastern North Carolina. The $400 million project will include 104 wind turbines and generate the equivalent of electricity needed to power 61,000 homes annually. The project expects to be operational in late 2016 and represents the first of its kind in the state and the South." Read full article from the Raleigh News & Observer.

See Turbine Construction from Beginning to End

MidAmerican Energy posted this informative and cool video that shows a turbine being constructed from beginning to end. The video includes interesting facts about the individual parts of the turbine (such as the nacelle being the size of a school bus!) and how long it takes to assemble.Check out the video below! MidAmerican Turbine Construction